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A guide to Omis

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A guide to Omis, the city of Pirates, which has plenty to offer for anyone visiting. Surrounded by two mountains, right on the Adriatic sea and with a river running through the heart of the medieval town core, Omis is a unique sight. A sight well-worth seeing.

We want every guest coming through Omis to see everything the town has to offer. From its rich history and amazing natural landscapes, to fine dining and activities, we present you a short guide on what to see and what to do in Omis.

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Guide to Omis - Take a quick look

While we advise to check out our guide to Omis in full to see all that Omis area has to offer and get some helpful tips, you are welcome to jump to a certain section if that is what you’re interested in. Just pick a topic you like! You can also contact us directly for any additional questions.

Excursions and activities

Omis is full of adventure! To read more about organized trips and excursions go here.

Food scene and bars

Fine dining or relaxing with a few drinks, we have the top spots in Omis picked out for you here.

Beaches and sights to see

Check out the many beaches of Omis and the surrounding natural and historical sights here.

Good to know

Shops, markets, bus stops, car/boat rental... For many such useful tips click here.

excursions and activities

From action-packed trips such as zipline and canyoning, through enjoying the river and the canyon by rafting down the river Cetina, or relaxing with your family on a boat while visiting nearby islands of Hvar, Brac, Vis, to name a few, Omis offers plenty to do. In our guide to Omis you can read about all the available tours and excursions in Omis and the surrounding area. If you’re interested in booking a tour or have any additional questions, please contact us.

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Enjoy rafting down 10 km of Cetina river and its canyon with stunning surroundings! 
Omis rafting is accompanied by a professional guide and a photographer. You are given the necessary equipment (a life vest, a helmet and a paddle) and the instructions regarding personal safety. The price includes insurance, equipment, transfer and a guide. Photos available at an extra fee.

Tour duration: 3-4 hours (preparation+rafting)
Start times: Twice a day (09:30 and 14:00)
What you should bring:
• A shirt, swimming suit + dry clothes for after, a towel and shoes with a rubber sole.
• Some water and sunscreen
Rafting class level: 2-3.


Hiking through the river and rapids, exploring subterranean tunnels, climbing cliffs or jumping off them, swimming in naturally formed river basins, admiring waterfalls and lakes… Or, to put it all into one word – Canyoning! Basic and advanced tours available. Minimal age 10 years. The price includes the transfer, a guide, equipment, insurance. Photos available at an extra fee.

Tour duration: 4-5 hours (transfer+canyoning)
Start time: 13:00.
What you should bring:
• Swimming suit + sport shoes.
• Some water and sunscreen, a towel.


Enjoy a relaxing trip down the Cetina river, and follow it all the way up to where it meets the sea, in the core of old Omis town. The tour starts about 5 km upstream and ends on a breathtaking sandy beach, where you can dive to explore a sunken ship. The kayaks are for 2 persons (1 + a guide possible too). Price includes insurance, equipment, transfer and a guide. Minimum age 6 years.

Tour duration: 2:30-3 hours (transfer+kayaking and snorkeling tour)
Start time: 09:00.
What you should bring:
• Swimming suit + sport shoes.
• Some water and sunscreen, a towel.


A brid’s-eye perspective on the untouched nature of the Cetina canyon is an unforgettable experience! Omis Zipline consists of eight wires, the total length of 2100 m, and on every stop along the way you can relax and enjoy a panoramic view of the stunning surroundings of Omis and Cetina. The  logest wire is 700 m long. Minimum age is 7 years (30 kg) and maximum weight is 140 kg. The price includes the transfer, equipment, insurance, a guide.

Tour duration: 3-3.5 hours (transfer+zipline)
Start time: Multiple tours from 09:00-16:00, starting approx. every hour.
What you should bring:
• Hiking clothes + sport shoes.
• Water and sunscreen.


Rock climbing is appropriate for all ages, and there are climbing spots only 5 mins away from the center of Omis! Enjoy a stunning view of Omis, the sea, the Cetina river canyon and the surrounding mountainside while climbing up to 30 m of height. A variety of different route levels are available. The price includes insurance, professional climbing guides, climbing gear and photos. Minimum age 6 years. Minimum number of participants is 2.

Tour duration: 3 hours.
Start time: 09:00.
What you should bring:
• Sports clothing.
• Some water and snacks.


Bol on Brac island is one of the most popular tourist spots. To the west from Bol lies the beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) one of the largest and most beautiful attractions of the Adriatic. This full-day boat excursion takes about 2.5 hours to reach Bol from Omis, where you will be given free time. You will return to Omis around 18:30-19:00. The price includes the travel to Bol and back by boat, lunch (fish or meat menu).

Tour duration: Full-day tour.
Start time: 08:30, Omis port.
What you should bring:
• A swimsuit, a change of clothes, sunscreen.
• Anything you think you will need for a day trip.


Experience the breathtaking Krka waterfalls, one of the world’s most famous National parks and its untouched, breathtaking nature. The tour consists of sightseeing the waterfalls (guided, in English), a boat ride in the National park, sighseeing of the small Skradin town and swimming on its beach Krecana and free time in Krka National park.
The price includes: the tour, the entry tickets to the NP Krka, English-speaking guide, transfer from Omis to Krka and back. The transfer from Omis takes about 2 hours, one way.

Tour duration: Full day.
Start time: 08:30.
What you should bring:
• Your swimsuit, comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes for hiking.
• A change of clothes and anything else you will need for a full day tour.


A half day tour by a 115 year old sailboat to the island of Brac. Experience a panoramic view of the area while sailing the Adriatic sea. The tour takes you swimming in breathtaking bays of Brac island and includes a lunch freshly prepared for you in a yard with a stunning view of a quiet bay with only one house in the area. The lunch is fish, meat or vegetarian menu and included in the price.

Tour duration: Half-day tour.
Start time: 08:30, Omis port.
What you should bring:
• A swimsuit, a change of clothes, sunscreen.
• Anything you think you will need for a half-day trip.


A full day tour by speedboat of the Blue Cave and 4 islands. The first stop is the island of Bisevo where you can explore the famous Blue Cave, after which you are taken swimming to the Stiniva cove on Vis island. Next destination is town Hvar on the Island Hvar where you’ll have time for exploration this historical town and optional lunch (own expense). Finally, you visit the island of Brac and Milna town for sightseeing, and later visit the Blue Lagoon on Brac for some swimming and snorkeling. You return to Omis around 18:30. The entrance fee of 120 HRK (15.93 Euro) is paid at the Blue Cave.

Tour duration: Full-day tour.
Start time: Around 06:30-07:00, Omis port.
What you should bring:
• A swimsuit, a change of clothes, sunscreen.
• Anything you think you will need for a day trip.


Sighseeing of the beautiful Cetina canyon during a boat ride, ending in a lovely, well-preserved old mill (Radmanove Mlinice). The boast go approximately every hour, on a 45-minute ride (one way) to Radmanove Mlinice, where you have about an hour or so of free time to enjoy the sights or the restaurant, after which you take another boat back into town. The tour is short and the starting point is right at the center of town so you shouldn’t miss it.
Private tour available on demand.

Tour duration: 2:30-3 hours.
Start time: Approximately every hour, on demand.
What you should bring:
• Some water and comfortable clothes.


Experience the Omis area by cruising around on a Quad (CF Moto CForce 450 L, 400 cm3). Each quad can seat up to two persons, is fully equipped, and with a big storage box for all your things. The safari includes seaside trail roads, mountain height views, 6 photo checkpoints, visit to two stunning waterfalls and swimming under a waterfall, a river canyon serpentine road drive and a visit to a Game of Thrones filming location.

Tour duration: 4 hours.
Start time: 09:00 or 16:00.
What you should bring:
• Water, sunscreen.
• B category driving licence is required for the driver and the passengers don’t need a licence, just have to be over 10 years of age.

Beaches, natural sights and history

The pirates of Omis couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful place to make their own. Omis is a town located right next to the Adriatic sea, with plenty of sandy and pebble beaches. In addition, the lovely river Cetina flows right through the heart of the old town, emerging between two mountains. In this section of the guide to Omis, you can find out more about natural and historical sights of Omis.

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Throughout the 12th and 13th centuries all the ships passing through Omis were required to pay tribute for free passage to the notorious Omis pirates. For centuries, Omis pirates ruled the area, and the traces of that history are still visible today, in the preserved medieval town core, the remnants of city walls, and well-preserved fortresses watching over the town.

The many beaches of Omis and the area

Whether you are looking for a sandy or a pebble beach, something easily accessible in the town center, or a more relaxed atmosphere in a quieter area, Omis has the beach for you. All the beaches in Omis and the area offer sun umbrella and beach loungers rental, and have areas where refreshments can be bought.

Velika Beach

Sandy beach - Omis

Located right next to the old town core of Omis, easy to access, Velika beach offers stunning nature combined with plenty of fun activities.

Over 700 m long and with shallow waters, it is ideal for all ages.

Galeb Beach

Sandy beach - Omis

Bordering the town of Omis and Duce, the sandy Galeb Beach offers plenty of activities, such as windsurfing, volleyball, jet ski rental, an aqua park and much more.

The perfect choice for adventurers looking for more than just relaxing on the beach.

Brzet Beach

Pebble beach - Omis

A lovely pebble beach, with plenty of shade and vegetation, Brzet is a 400 m long stretch of beautiful bays with a mountain view.

Only a 10 minute walk from the town center, it is ideal for kids and adults alike.

Slavinj Beach

Pebble beach - Omis

Slavinj beach is an adorable, cozy little beach with naturally formed pebbles, located only a few steps away from the medieval town core of Omis town, suitable for all ages.

Only a few minutes away from the town center, Slavinj is the place for a quick dip.

Ravnice Beach

Pebble beach - Omis

Marching from Omis towards the quiet neighboring place of Nemira, you will find a cute little pebble beach, officially classified as dog-friendly.

You and your pets are welcome to enjoy the sun and the sea all you want at Ravnice.

Rogac / Glavica Beaches

Sandy beaches - Duce

Traveling further through Duce, towards the town of Split, you will find numerous sandy beaches, each more lovely than the other.

Plenty of sandy beaches to choose from - just pick one and relax!

Golubinka Beach

Sandy beach - Duce

Neighboring the town of Omis, the quiet little place of Duce offers a breathtaking strand of sandy beach, with plenty of natural shade.

Nothing but the sea, the beach and the sun, the perfect place to relax.

Nemira Beach

Pebble beach - Nemira

A wide pebble beach surrounded by pine trees, this lovely beach is located in the small, quiet place of Nemira, neighboring Omis town.

The perfect spot to relax and enjoy the summer air, and let your worries disappear.

Where are the beaches?

Listed here are simply the beaches closest to the Omis town core itself. If you want to explore further, just keep going! You will find a beach every 100 m or so in every direction, so choose whichever you like! You can’t go wrong 🙂

The rich history of Omis and the area

First inhabited over 2000 years ago, the Omis area has a well-documented history. From small agricultural settlements way back then, through the famous Omis pirates ruling the area in medieval times to being under Venetian rule during the renaissance, traces of the rich history are present throughout every corner of the town and the area.

Q&A about the Omis history

Tips and tricks on where to find the historical sights

How do I get to Mirabela fortress?

Go to the main church in the center of the old town (St. Rocco). Just left to the main church entrance you will see a set of stairs climbing up. Take the stairs and follow the signs leading to Mirabela. The entrance fee is 15-20 HRK per person, depending on the season, (2.00-2.65 Euro, exchange rate 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK) and the opening hours are 9 am – 10 pm. 

What is the best way to see some history?

If you want to witness some history, you don’t have to go out of your way in Omis. In fact, you can’t miss it! Odds are that during your stay, you will find yourself in the medieval town core. From the Cetina river, just head towards the sea and you will be passing through the heart of Old town, witnessing medieval churches, traditional-style Dalmatian houses and the Mirabela fortress, eventually passing through the Eastern Town Gate, still standing as a remnant of the old town wall.

How do I get to Stari Grad - Fortica fortress?

There are several paths you can take up to the Fortica. The easiest and most frequently used path is from the town port, just left from the fire department. After climbing up the curvy local road for a couple of minutes you should see a sign marking the path to Fortica on your left. From this point you have no more than 50 minutes of easy climbing along a well marked forest path.  The entrance fee is 20 HRK (2.65 Euro, exchange rate 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK). But please never climb up to Fortica after 6 pm as it could be very tricky to climb down after it gets dark and always have enough water and proper shoes.

Is there a local Museum where I can learn more?

Yes, there is a museum in the very center of the old town. Working hours
are 8—11, 12—15, 17—21 and there is no entrance fee, so feel free to visit and learn about the rich history of Omis and the area all you want!

Where can I find the sights shown in the photos?

Here is a helpful map of some of the town’s most popular sightseeing spots for historical sights.

Other natural sights of Omis and the area

Besides the breathtaking beaches and the rich history, Omis has more to show! Within a 500 meter radius of Omiš, there is a river, the sea and two mountains touching shoulders just above it. And beyond the city bounds there is much more to explore as well. Listed here are some suggestions for the top spots you can see with a day trip.


Cetina River Canyon

You can explore the canyon on a panoramic boat tour or you can drive up to the excursion and picnic place of Radmanove mlinice in your car (it’s a 5 minute drive from the town centre). You can even take a walk, but it will take you 1—4 hours to get to the canyon and back (depending on how far you go). When going from town centre towards the bridge make a right turn just before the bridge and the road will take you straight to the Cetina canyon. If you wish to see the river by boat, you can take a 45 min panoramic ride to the Radmanove Mlinice. You don’t have to book in advance since the boat rides start approximately every 30 mins to an hour. Just drop by our agency when you want to go!

Great and Small Gubavica waterfalls

Two breathtaking waterfalls near the village of Zadvarje – the Great (Velika) (49 m) and Small (Mala) (7m) Gubavica, special among hundreds of others in the world for the fact that you can actually swim under them. The location represents a breathtaking natural oasis in which the Cetina river, just meters away from the two mighty waterfalls, for a moment calms down and forms a nice swimming pond with a spectacular view of the roaring water masses dropping down from almost 50 m above you!

Kanjon rijeke Cetine_canyoning_Omiš


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Dubrovnik is a 6th century town known for its preserved city walls. The trip from Omiš to Dubrovnik will take you about 3 hours via the fastest route but you will be passing through a 22 long strip of Bosnian territory (which means two border crossings) so some delays are to be expected, especially in high season. For the fastest route, take the A1 motorway (use any of the following entry points: Blato n/C, Šestanovac or Zagvozd) and exit the motorway towards Ploče / Metković / Dubrovnik. The toll for your drive should be some 50 kuna. After exiting the motorway take the D-8 road for another 1:50 hours until you reach Dubrovnik.

Krka waterfalls

National park Krka, which is no more than a two-hour drive away from Omiš along the A1 motorway, is a must-see. Krka National Park is situated along the Krka River in southern Croatia. It’s known for a series of 7 waterfalls. In the south, Skradinski Buk waterfall is flanked by traditional watermills. To the north, a nature trail passes another striking cascade, Roški Slap, and the Krka Monastery, built above ancient Roman catacombs. Visovac Island is home to the 15th-century Franciscan Monastery. Definitely take your bathing suit as swimming is permitted at specifically marked sites such as Skradinski buk and Roški slap.

Krka waterfalls
Split palace

What else can I visit in a day?

Centrally positioned in Dalmatia, Omis is the place to stay if you plan on doing day trips. Within an hour you can be in Split, a 17 centuries old town, known for the emperor Diocletian’s palace, or in Makarska and its lovely Riviera full of small coastal villages and the Biokovo mountain standing above it (Skywalk tour is a one of a kind!), or in Trogir, known as The Little Venice or The Stone Beauty, and Imotski with its famous Blue & Red lakes. Within 2 hours drive you can be in Šibenik, known for preserved historical sights, or in Zadar, where you can visit the Sea Organ, a place where the sea makes music. A 3 hour drive gets you to Plitvica lakes, known for stunning waterfalls and untouched nature, or to Međugorje, one of the most popular destinations for Catholic pilgrimage in the world, and the nearby town of Mostar.

Food scene of Omis

Fine dining, fine wines or local specialties, restaurants, bars and a nice cup of morning coffee; depending on what your preferences are, odds are you’re gonna be looking for a good place to experience at least one of these while on vacation. In this section, we will provide a few recommendations of our top spots in Omis.

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One of the joys of traveling to new places is getting to explore new cuisine. Good food and drink are essential for a good vacation. 


First things first, where can you get good food?

Omiš is full of places with delicious food, whether you’re looking for local cuisine at authentic locations, or for something more international, gluten-free or vegetarian frindly places, you will find a restaurant approximately every 300 m in Omiš. To help you choose, here are some of our top choices for fine dining in Omiš!


Arsana Tasting House

Croatian, International, European, Street Food
Arsana Tasting House is a lovely, family-run restaurant, located in the heart of the Omis old town. Arsana specializes in local cuisine with a twist, a selection of fine wines, or, as they like to say: “Where local meets international. Where history meets present.” Vegeterian friendly.

Bastion restaurant (1)


Croatian, Mediterranean, Seafood
If you want the best seafood in town, delivered freshly from the sea to your plate, don’t look any further than Bastion! Located in the town center and with delicious food, you have no excuse not to stop by Bastion at least once during your vacation. Gluten-free or vegetarian options available.

Bastion restaurant (2)


Local cuisine, Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Croatian, International
Continuous family tradition since 1981, in the very heart of the Old town, Restaurant Puljiz offers traditional Croatian and international cuisine, refreshments, cocktails, desserts and Croatian wines from carefully selected cellars. Gluten-free or vegetarian options available.


Fast Food Tasty

International, Street Food, Fast Food
Sometimes you don’t want to spend a lot of time eating. Sometimes you’re in a rush. If you need a quick bite to it, you can grab it at Fast food Tasty (the name doesn’t lie!), located in the town center.



Seafood, Mediterranean, Barbecue, Croatian
In the heart of the Omis old town, you can experience the centuries old tradition of the Dalmatian “Konoba”. Good local food and friendly local staff, go to Joskan for an authentic experience.



Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Croatian
Centrally located, offering both vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as a generally wide menu, Milo is the perfect family restaurant for your vacation.

Restaurant Ultimo


Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Croatian
Center town, right next to the river, well-decorated, with a very wide, varied menu, Restaurant Ultimo is the ideal stop any time of day, including breakfast.



How about some drinks?

Whether you want a nice cup of morning coffee, a relaxing cocktail at sundown, or are just looking for a break from the sun and the beach with some refreshments, or perhaps you’re in the mood for something sweet, here are some of the most popular choices among many bars and cafés in Omiš.



Cocktails, Coffee, Refreshments, Grill
Where there’s a beach, there’s a beach bar to be found! Shooko is far from the only beach bar in Omis, but it’s the perfect example of a bar done right. The location, the coffee, the cocktails and even some snacks, Shooko is a good choice for both day and night.

I Gemelli


Café, pastry
A charming café with a selection of pastries and cakes, located in the heart of the Old town core of Omiš. If you find the time to treat yourself to something nice, stop by here.

Eol Rooftop


Pub, Bar, Cocktails
Located in the town center, right next to the river Cetina, the Eol rooftop bar offers a stunning view of the city, the river and the mountains. A great spot for relaxing during the day and having some fun during the night.


Assuming you have read the guide so far, you should be pretty well informed on the activities Omis has to offer and where to go for good food or to enjoy some sights. Sometimes, however, you need the practical information as well. In this section, we will give you some information that will make your stay in Omis easier.

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Coming to a new place, you’re always going to have some questions. Here we’re giving you answers to some commonly asked questions from our guests.

Frequently asked questions

Some practical tips for an easy stay in Omis + Google Map locations

Where can I shop for food? Are there fresh markets?

Throughout Omiš you can find shops and stores that sell everyday items and groceries. Odds are that, wherever your accommodation is, you will have a store within 300 m. In case you are looking for a big store, Shopping Mall Studenac, located right when you enter the town from Split, next to the INA gas station, is your best choice. Also, there is a fish market in Omiš with daily fresh fish. It is located next to the fruit and vegetable market on the main road through town. The fish market is usually open from 6 am. You can also try Orgula olive oil tasting in Marusici, near Omis.

What about transport? Bus, boat, Rent-a-Car, transfers?

Omis has no bus station, but has two bus stops (both marked on the map below). All the local lines will get you to Split and there is a local bus every half an hour. Tickets can be bought on the bus. Also, you can board buses passing through Omiš to nearby towns (Makarska, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Međugorje…) but it is recommended to book tickets in advance. For bus schedules and booking you should contact the main bus station in Split.
In case you want to book a transfer (such as from the airport to your accommodation or to your next destination) or Rent-a-Car of your own, or rent a boat for a day or more, you should contact us, Active Holidays Omis.

What do I do in case of an emergency?

The healthcare centre is located on the main road (D8) towards Makarska. It’s a 5 minute walk from the town centre to the clinic. In case of a serious medical emergency you can call an ambulance any time by dialing 194. For all other types of emergencies dial 112.

Can I fish in the sea / river?

You can get a daily licence via the Ministry of agriculture webshop. Also, licences for fishing on the Cetina river are available through authorised dealers, and there is one (Keko) across the street from the fruit and vegetables market.

Where can I park in town?

You can use a couple of parking lots located near the town bridge with parking fees starting from 5 HRK (0.65 Euro, exchange rate 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK) per hour. You can buy a weekly parking permit only if you are staying in private rentals. There is a chance you’ll find free parking spaces if you turn left after crossing the bridge when arriving from the Split direction. After you pass a small tunnel you’ll see a parking lot to your right. There is a 3-minute walk back to town from there. But please note — free parking spaces in Omiš are usually occupied and you can’t really count on free parking during peak season.



This guide was lovingly brought to you by Active Holidays Omis. We have been successfully dealing in tourism since 1989, and customer satisfaction has always been our primary goal. We hope you will find this guide useful and that you will not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
We can provide services in accommodation, Omis excursions and trips, Rent-a-Car, boat rental, transfers and we have an exchange office with the best rate in town. We would be glad to help you with anything you need!

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