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Apartments Zvone

House Zvone features a total of six apartments, three of which are one-bedroom apartments for up to 4 persons and the other three apartments are two-bedroom apartments for up to 6 persons. The apartments are spread out over 3 floors of a house. (each floor has one apartment for up to 4 persons and one for up to 6 persons). Each apartment features two balconies (at least one with a sea view), Wi-Fi and air-conditioning. Private parking is available on site. The details for each individual apartment can be viewed below.

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Apartment Mandic 2nd floor (20)

Apartments Zvone


House Zvone is located in Omis, a town with a medieval core, surrounded by the sea, moutains and the river. The house is located only 350 m from the nearest beach and approximately 900 m from the town centre of Omis. Shops, restaurants and the beach (as well as anything else you may need) are all available nearby.

Apartments in House Zvone

Check out the details about individual apartments provided in House Zvone below!